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Without right product data, you are just a click away from losing your customers


Kees Jacobs

January 17, 2017

Customers are no longer satisfied with incomplete information about products. They want to know minute details like features, customer reviews, and even origin of the product in their complex buying journey. Information which goes way beyond the label on the physical product. Omni Channel shopping experience (social media, app, in-store visit) is fuelling the need for more content in the Consumer Products & Retail (CPR) industry. But are you sharing the exact right information with your customers?

Product data has become a strategic asset to engage with your consumers. For this reason product data management should no longer be the exclusive purview of IT and supply chain executives, as it has been historically. It is now a critical and joint responsibility of all business domains—especially buying, merchandising, sales, marketing and customer service. The risk is clear: companies that do not provide accurate, relevant and robust product data are experiencing lower purchases (both online and in stores) and higher returns, risk brand damage, and are unable to maximize the value of their end customers.

The effort to succeed should not be underestimated, as the devil is in the (product-data) details. The ‘Omni Chanel Product Data Management Whitepaper’ will help you to grab the key components for managing omnichannel product data.

Soon to be launched whitepaper shares the views from top retail and Consumer Product Executives on omnichannel product information. It also covers a research on the product data maturity of 30 of the largest retailers in the world. And it provides an overview of the technology landscape and the 10 essentials for a successful product data transformation. We end the report with a real life case study covering the data management strategy of the world’s largest retailer.


This article was written by Kees Jacobs from Capgemini: Capping IT Off and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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