Welcome to the world of real-time delivery of insights at the point of action: the NextGen BISC – Part II


Venkatakrishnan Iyer

October 2, 2015

In my previous blog, I spoke about how the changing data landscape and business requirements have become more demanding, necessitating the need for change and adopting a new approach to enable  organizations to become insights-driven.

Capgemini’s NextGen Business Insights Service Center addresses the next generation of insights requirements, creating processes for delivering insights at the point of action; providing clear governance, benefits of being business case driven, at the same time being flexible to accommodate changing business needs. 

The key components of the NextGen Business Insights Service Center include:

  • Transformation
    • Aligning business and IT to deliver meaningful insights in the right place at the right time
    • Leveraging drivers for transformation, e.g. new technologies and processes
    • Integrating operations,  development and management into a single framework
    • Agility via new delivery methods and processes that deliver in weeks, not months
    • Innovation as a key transformation lever, built into the DNA of the organization
  • Managed Service
    • Low-cost, high-performance, industrialized BI services with effective portfolio management
    • Rightshore® – a scalable factory (off-, near- and onshore); delivering where it makes sense
    • Tools, automation, accelerators and new age methods that bring in efficiencies and agility
    • Scalable and non-linear models that  deliver more for less
  • Insights
    • Insights  that address and meeting business challenges  and needs
    • Fast solution for expanding data, information and insight requirements
    • Insights built into the business process, to deliver where it matters the most
    • Business KPI driven, with IT alignment to business KPI’s and SLA’s
  • Platforms
    • Insights-as-a-Service: business insights on demand
    • IT investment costs and lead times reduced by platforms such as Datalabs, Sandboxes and Business Data Lake
    • Cloud ready and deployable, with pay-as-you-go commercial models

Our NextGen Business Insights Service centers have helped clients adapt to the new data landscape and embrace big data technologies quickly and seamlessly, adding business value, delivering insights at the point of action by embedding it in the business process or delivering where and most importantly, when required, by leveraging multiple platforms – cloud, on premise or other platforms like the Business Data Lake that makes insights adoption faster than ever. Benefits like  30% productivity improvement,  40% cost savings, 70% faster delivery of insights are driving business adoption faster to a new model that addresses their current needs, while bringing IT closer to the business.

Whether you are a business leader or a CIO, if delivering the right insights on time, to the people who need it is a challenge today, then NextGen Business Insight Service Center is the solution for you.

This article was written by Venkatakrishnan Iyer from CapGemini: Insights & Data Blog and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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