Use storyboards to bring the value of Information Governance to life


Ralf Teschner

March 20, 2015

Admittedly, some Information Governance (IG) concepts are abstract, complex and seemingly far removed from real-world business benefits. If senior Business executives are meant to buy into the IG program, then they need to understand how IG activities relate to front-line business objectives.

Many senior Business directors, in fact most of them, immediately recognize the business value of an IG program and how it relates to their day-to-day goals. But there will always be some stakeholders who are not able to connect the dots right away or are simply sceptical about the whole endeavour.

It is for those stakeholders that a storyboard is an extremely useful mechanism to bring to life the information challenges, the root causes of these issues as well as the solution, deliverables and business benefits IG can provide. Effective storyboards make use of graphics and talking figures to visualize the scenario.

But there is a risk of over-loading or over-complicating such storyboards. It is therefore recommended to split the IG rationale into maybe 5 or 10 distinct storyboards, each with a different theme and focus. One could be on how conflicting ‘Customer’ definitions lead to reporting inconsistencies, hinder Analytics and produce Call Centre costs. Another could be on how a lack of standards causes significant wastage of resources dedicated to fixing reporting issues.


Use a professional, yet transparent, Business-friendly language. Quote numbers, regulation and known past incidents where possible. And check and cross-check the accuracy of the featured hypotheses before publishing such storyboards.

Storyboards can be a powerful tool to animate your IG value proposition. It takes a considerable amount of effort to get them right, but they may well make a difference when trying to convince undecided influencers and decision-makers.

For more information on Capgemini’s QuickStart Information Governance framework, please contact Ralf Teschner.

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