Travelers Can Now Pay For Flights Via Social Media


Alice Truong

February 12, 2014

Passengers can now pay for their flights via social media on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The company announced Tuesday that passengers will be able to use Facebook and Twitter to book flights, reserve seats, arrange for extra baggage, and pay for these services.

Customers who wish to use social media to arrange their travel plans are sent a private message on Facebook or Twitter to link a method of payment and complete the transaction. Then, one of KLM’s 130 social media agents–who in total field about 35,000 social media queries each week–confirms the transaction and notifies the customer with a follow-up message.

KLM said customers had been able to arrange for certain services using social media, but they were previously directed to pay over phone. The company said customer requests led it to build out a social channel that can handle payment transactions.

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