Top Ten Trends Of 2014 From World Economic Forum Underscore The Need For Cloud Security


Louis Columbus, Contributor

November 15, 2013

Today the World Economic Forum (WEF) published their analysis of the Top Ten Trends Facing The World In 2014 based on insights gained from research completed with their Network of Global Agenda Councils.  Every year the WEF forecasts the 10 biggest trends for the coming year, specifically looking at how they will influence global and regional economic, political and social change.  Also included are new technology developments and advances the WEF has seen in their research.

The study’s methodology relies on the WEF’s selective survey tool that generated 1,500 responses.  The Outlook on the Global Agenda 2014 which includes the top 10 trends, can be downloaded in PDF form here.  The methodology is thoroughly explained and located on the last pages of the PDF.

The top 10 trends the World Economic Forum found based on their research are shown here:

The WEF also provides extensive analysis by region and also by trend.  The following is a breakout of 2014 trends by region. Please click on the graphic to expand it for easier viewing.

Each of the ten trends is explained in detail with commentary and also with an Inside the Data infographic.  The 4th trend, Intensifying Cyber Threats is supported with the following infographic shown below.  According to the WEF trend analysis, manufacturing is the most frequently attacked industry by malicious online activity, followed by finance, insurance and real estate (19%) and services (17%).

This data shows how critical the rising level of research & development (R&D) spending on cloud computing security models are, especially in manufacturing.  Please click on the graphic to expand it for easier viewing.

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