Three Reasons To Buy A Cloud Company – Nutanix Goes Shopping For Analytics, Automation, Acceleration


Adrian Bridgwater

September 6, 2016

No three words better encapsulate the state of cloud datacenter computing as of fall 2016 than analytics, automation and acceleration.

Analytics: as we know by now, if focused on crunching big data and providing that thing the vendors love to call ‘insight’.

Automation: as we are increasingly realizing, often comes down to methods for running computing decisions against pre-defined templates or according to rules and process guidelines so that IT can run against delineated measures of best practice when humans aren’t around (or when data moves too fast).

Acceleration: as we will start to increasingly investigate is about making all the above happen faster, obviously.

Triple whammy?

Hyperconvergence advocate Nutanix has attempted to hit three out of three cloud-A’s with the acquisition of PernixData, a firm that works in scale-out data acceleration and analytics — in addition, Nutanix has closed the acquisition of, firm that works in DevOps automation.

What Nutanix is doing here, it appears, it moving ‘up the software stack’ from its initial focus on creating hyperconverged infrastructure foundations as we detailed previously on Forbes.

The central resonating message and ostensible claim from Nutanix here is that enterprises will be able to run a cloud computing system that rivals the agility, automation and consumer-grade simplicity of the public cloud but with the control, security and attractive long-term economics of on-premises infrastructure.

These additions, says the firm, will enable Nutanix to create new software stacks for storage-class memory systems, enhance its Application Mobility Fabric (AMF) with cross-cloud workload migration and bring orchestration and workflow automation to its Prism management software.

Data & application proximity

According to an official news statement on this acquisition, Nutanix and PernixData share an architectural design philosophy that decrees that next-generation datacenter fabrics must keep data and applications close in order to drive the fastest possible performance.

You can almost imagine the geek T-shirts being printed right now and they read: I ‘heart symbol’ a re-imagined data fabric for a post-flash era of enterprise computing.

What happens next

Nutanix says it plans to add cloud automation and management capabilities to its existing software stack to deliver orchestration, runtime lifecycle management, policy-based governance and auditing.

The cloud supermarket itself is still a messy place to go shopping though. Some vendors are focused on selling chunks of pure infrastructure, some vendors are focused on selling incremental services and some are building various tiers of data and application management intelligence and still others are working to help the rest of us ‘orchestrate’ our way through the mess before we all dive head first into a quantum quagmire of querulousness.

There’s a special this week on cloud cakes, don’t miss it.


This article was written by Adrian Bridgwater from Forbes and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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