The top 20 tech hangouts in New York City


Myers, Courtney Boyd

September 23, 2013

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From sun up to sun down, here are 20 of New York City’s most popular hangouts for the tech scene including coffee shops, shared work spaces, outdoor escapes, restaurants and, of course, bars!

If you’re coming into town for The Next Web’s inaugural USA conference in NYC next week, here are the places you may well find members of the team hanging out.

Coffee shops

There aren’t many things that will get a New Yorker out of bed in the morning in the same way a good cup of fresh brew will. Fueling long days and late nights, here are the top coffee shops that offer free WiFi, comfy couches and top-rate espresso.

1) Ground Support in SoHo  

399 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Tel: (212) 219-8722

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GroundSupport2 The top 20 tech hangouts in New York City

One of the few artisanal coffee shops in the West SoHo area with free WiFi, Ground Support gets all the support it needs from the tech community. Not just for its fresh grounds but also for its INCREDIBLE ginger cookies — the slightly tangy and a tad sweet bites make for a perfect afternoon pick me up.

If you find yourself with an hour to kill in the neighborhood, pop in and saddle up at the picnic bench seating for some people watching and email checking. Just don’t forget the cookie.

2) Birch Coffee in Flatiron

5 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 686-144
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 The top 20 tech hangouts in New York City

This is hands down the best place to meet in the mornings or mid-afternoon in the Flatiron/Madison Square Park area. Birch Coffee has delicious cold brew coffee and healthy breakfast and lunch options like granola, fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs and yummy salads.

Housed in a kitschy hotel that looks like it’s been transplanted from Gaudi’s Barcelona, the little cafe also has an upstairs library for those who wish to escape the din of the 2.0 crowd downstairs.  Almost every time we visit Birch, we run into a friend, colleague or client. Unfortunately, the WiFi is only free for an hour.

3) Blue Bottle Coffee 

160 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Tel: (718) 534-5488
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BlueBottle1 520x693 The top 20 tech hangouts in New York City

With multiple locations throughout the city (including Meatpacking and Rockefeller Center, two neighborhoods which tend to lack great coffee), this is a favorite of coffee aficionados in every industry.  With roasting facilities in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Blue Bottle is as fresh as it gets and won’t serve beans that are more than a few days old from the roaster.

This San Francisco transplant recently raised a round of funding from Google Ventures, so stop by, delight in their pour over and killer 12 hour Japanese cold brewed iced coffee, and wonder what’s next for this better-funded-than-most coffee business.

4) LA Burdick

5 East 20th St, New York, NY 10010
Tel: (212) 796-0143
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LABurdick2 730x547 The top 20 tech hangouts in New York City

In the middle of the winter, particularly on those long, cold days in February, you’ll find us perched up at L.A. Burdick on 20th and Broadway sipping their heavenly dark chocolate hot chocolate. Not in the mood for a sugar rush? LA Burdick offers plenty of coffee and tea options. Don’t get too comfortable; your boss may be sitting right behind you.

5) Saturdays Surf 

31 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013
Tel: (212) 966-7875
Foursquare link

Saturdays1 The top 20 tech hangouts in New York City

A little surfer haven in a concrete jungle, Saturdays Surf is a perfect place to checkout a surfboard, some tank tops and drink a latte. It’s also a super cool spot to host a casual meeting with your friends from Thrillist or Urban Daddy.

Tip: Checkout the back deck, chill out for a minute or two and enjoy the free WiFi.

6) Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg

125 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Tel: (347) 457-6160
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TobysEstate1 The top 20 tech hangouts in New York City

With south facing windows and free WiFi, Toby’s is a weekend-working Brooklynite’s dream in the winter.  We love to curl up there for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday with our laptops, where undoubtedly we’ll run into other local neighborhood startup friends.

The coffee is delicious (Australian) and our favorite bite is the Avocado Tahini on whole grain toast. We can’t complain about the plush couches and vintage chic decor either.

Up next, coworking spaces…

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