The Consumer Insight Centre – is your marketing as targeted as it could be?


Alex Cooke

December 9, 2015

Is your marketing as targeted as it could be?

In an age where we can access more information than ever, it’s easy for marketers to feel they know pretty much everything about the people consuming their products.

After all, as well as data from sales, market share and brand equity, you can enjoy the fruits of the digital consumer’s social labours: e-tail reviews, forums and blogs, social media, macro economic and demographics, weather, traffic movement, etc. A seemingly endless ocean of data.

But are you really as close to your consumers as you think?

Your data is ‘big’ but is it useful?

So you have unprecedented access to consumer data. Lots of it. But how can you bring it together quickly, in a way that it is meaningful and that allows you to maximise the potential of the digital age? Analysing all this information can be incredibly time-consuming. Within most organisations you’ve got two choices, right?  Trust your gut and make assumptions from the limited amount of data you have the capability to process, or leave it up to the agency.  Neither is that attractive, but when you’ve carefully planned and executed your campaign, wouldn’t it be good to know instantly whether it’s hit the mark? Perhaps you’d like the opportunity to course correct in mid-flight.  Maybe it would be useful to know the likely outcomes before you’ve even hit the start button?

Consumer Insights Centre – analytics at scale

Capgemini has a client who faced just these challenges. The solution was a cloud-based data analytics platform that generated immediate insights from the multitude of data sources at their disposal, not only about consumer and community behaviours and preferences, but about the effectiveness of campaigns as they happened and with reference to the existing performance measures of the organisation.

As a result they’ve been able to:

  • Provide analytics at scale across their global business
  • Understand consumers’ lifestyles, influences and interests including geographical and demographic nuance to a depth they hadn’t previously
  • Profile, segment and target in countries without large CRM datasets – mass personalisation
  • Analyse campaigns as they take place, changing course where necessary
  • Respond to unexpected opportunities and events as they arise
  • Generate huge savings in agency research and vastly improved marketing ROIs.

By bringing all their data together on an agile platform, they can generate real time analytics and detailed consumer and shopper insight – targeting messages, allocating spend and fundamentally increasing the impact of their campaigns

They’ve seen measurable improvements to marketing reach and return on investment and these new marketing insights are informing commercial decisions at the highest level.

Stunningly, twelve weeks is all it took to get up and running and start the journey to being genuinely data driven.

Want to know more?  Read our case study here:

This article was written by Alex Cooke from CapGemini: Capping IT Off and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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