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Take A Look At The First Keyboard For Google Glass In This Twee-Tastic Video


Chris Gayomali

May 15, 2014

(Video)First Ever Typing On Google Glass

Now that Google is allowing anyone with a cool $1,500 lying around to score themselves a pair of Glass, you’ll probably start seeing a lot more tech geeks wearing headsets in public talking to themselves. Our hands-free, hyper-tethered future is well on its way! So if voice command interfacing is the wave of the future, what good is something seemingly as reductive as an input keyboard?

That was my question–and guessing I wasn’t alone–until I saw Minuum. When we last checked out the keyboard app, its creators were out to kill the traditional QWERTY keyboards on phones and tablets. The general idea was to make something more forgiving that wouldn’t require a user to hunt and peck for individual, tiny letters.

According to The On Switch, Minuum is taking things one step further with what’s being billed as the first Glass-compatible keyboard. Its creators argue that barking words should not be the only way to for Glass-wearers to communicate, and have been developing other input methods that, at least based on this video, look quite clever.

One potential application involves swiping and tapping on Glass’s touchpad, as if you were sending an old-timey telegraph. The other involves subtly moving your head side to side to select from blocks of letters, leaving the rest of the guesswork to its autocorrect software.

Now, you probably won’t be able to write your next novella with Minuum, but it could be useful for quick and dirty tasks, like text messages.

The latter half of the video is where things get a little strange. “In the final portion of the video, we show some proof-of-concept techniques, which wouldn’t all necessarily work with the current version of Google Glass,” explains Minuum in a blog post. Those include concepts like eye-tracking, a motion-sensing ring that requires you to move your arms as if you were a wizard (if this ever actually comes to fruition, please: don’t), and a neat-looking virtual keyboard projected onto your arm.

This likely won’t be the last Glass keyboard. But Minuum and its future ilk could make life a little more bearable for non-Glassholes trying to find some peace and quiet.

Minuum for Glass is available now at Google Play.

[h/t The On Switch]

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