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Suitcase without a handle


Tetyana Kholodna

February 3, 2017

“Why do IT people always make things so complicated?” asked me one business expert when I proposed him to automate his daily data verification routines. We discussed an application that was a good and elegant solution 10 years ago, but is definitely outdated now.  A lot of quick fixes and workarounds have made the useful application into a suitcase without a handle – hard to bear but difficult to throw.

Do you use such applications?  Here is a checklist:

·         Just few advanced users are using the application;

·         Non-transparent logic in data transformations behind the scene;

·         The application is not compliant to original functional requirements;

·         Minor changes require intensive use of application support specialists;

·         People became a part of data flow (“yes, I know, data was transferred by the application, but I have to verify it in order to be sure. I always do it last five years.”)

While the world moves data to cloud, uses machine learning for finding new insights and delegates scrupulous routines to robots, some people become more and more conservative. Business experts spend their precious time and intellect to manually fixing errors produced by malfunctioning applications. They are tired of IT changes and they are afraid of a possible loss of stability of work processes.

Old rigid reporting systems are a good example of such a “suitcase”. Fortunately, it is a good candidate to be easily renovated, too. Exposing data to a cloud, adopting a new reporting paradigm “no more silos” require almost zero investments. Flexible, dynamic, insightful reports and dashboards will quickly minimize use of old rigid reporting systems. They will just shade away as VHS and DVD rewritable devices did.

BI reporting transformation is also a perfect first step to “cloudification” of old data landscape. No more suitcases without a handle.

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This article was written by Tetyana Kholodna from Capgemini: Insights & Data Blog and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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