The Secret to Success Is Making More Friends


Melanie Pinola

September 12, 2014

If there’s one single thing that’s most important for success—as an entrepreneur, freelancer, employee, or just in general life—it might be this: Make more friends. founder John O’Nolan calls this the secret sauce, highlighting this tweet by Hubspot founder Dharmesh Shah:

Your probability of success is proportional to the number of people that want you to succeed. Work to keep increasing that number.

— Dharmesh Shah (@dharmesh) August 27, 2014

The reason? There are two, O’Nolan notes: People work with those they know, like, and trust. And friends care about your success.

By “make more friends,” he’s not saying this in a network-building, people-collecting disingenuous way. Actually make more friends that you like and want to see succeed. Everything is about relationships.

Check out the post below for examples, suggestions, and disclaimers.

The Secret Sauce | John O’Nolan

Photo by Kyle Taylor.

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