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SAP: the Muse of your Organization ?


Frank Wammes

May 31, 2017

One of the highlights of Sapphire 2017 will defintely be the Muse concert. A talented group, Muse brings more to the table than music alone:

1.     The Technology

For me, Sapphire is about finding out how SAP is going to handle all the new technologies—like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, containerization, and voice—that are hitting the streets these days. SAP has been very active in this space and I expect to see a lot of cool, new developments being announced at this year’s event. This is one reason why Muse is such a good fit: they are one of the most progressive bands when it comes to the use of technology. You can witness this not just in the effects they use, but also in the way they record but also in their live shows. In their latest show, they use drones that are tightly controlled and part of the full Muse experience.

2.     The Symbolism

For a band name, Muse has the following meanings:

a. In Greek Mythology: Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science.

b. A guiding spirit.

c. A source of inspiration: Ex. the lover who was the painter’s muse.

Fortunately, the founders of SAP did not have to conjure nine start-ups in order to bring SAP to life, but with all the acquisitions and additions to the original SAP software, we can definitely say that they have delivered multiple babies into this world.

In my eyes, SAP is also a kind of guiding spirit. For many years, SAP has been able to deliver industry best practices that they then incorporated in their software. We could trust that they knew what was “state of the art” in the industry. This guiding spirit is also what we are looking for today when it comes to the new technology developments.

Last but not least, SAP is a source of inspiration. Recently, SAP became the most valuable German company listed on the stock exchange. This is a very admirable achievement, especially when the company—and in particular the “ERP Vendors”—were declared to be extinct multiple times.

But a muse is also something we long for, we desire, and want to be with. It’s a source of inspiration that drives us to do we things we do. Will this still be the case in the coming years? We will see.

For now, let’s enjoy the Muse show and see if Sapphire 2017 will inspire us and prove to be a guide for the future.

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