Robotic Process Automation: A Latin American Perspective


Gustavo Tasner

September 3, 2015

With Robotics being a hot topic in the world of BPO, there have been several local responses to this global trend. I had the opportunity to debate interesting industry perspectives at a conference in Guatemala earlier this month. The panel centered on the discussion of the current state of robotics and the potential it might unleash for the BPO industry, especially in Latin America. The concept of using software robots to increase productivity has been widely discussed in several forums, and in this case my fellow panelists and I focused on the readiness to speed up automation and the potential impact on BPO and its people.

I was able to share my experience in dealing with several regional companies as well as global enterprises with a strong regional presence. For Latin American operations, robotics brings fantastic business opportunities for both BPO providers and our clients. It offers a more attractive value proposition not only from the cost perspective but also on the provider’s ability to enable better controls, enhance customer and vendor experiences, and allow enterprises to focus on higher end operations.
When it comes to the impact that robotics will have on people, there was a clear agreement across the panel that automation will drive very positive changes in BPO as a career, allowing people to focus on more complex and value adding activities which will result in a more attractive professional environment. BPO will become increasingly attractive as a career choice and the ability to retain employees will be positively impacted.
Back in our office in Guatemala City, where we serve 20 Latin American countries for various clients, our teams are already working on several automation initiatives – and the level of technical readiness and adoption is really high. In fact, we held an “Automation Fair” at our center some weeks back where our employees identified more than 40 automation initiatives to improve productivity and client satisfaction.

This is further evidence that Robotic Process Automation is not just a fad or trendy topic that providers use as part of their selling process. At Capgemini, it is already part of our reality when it comes to how we train, develop, and grow our people in addition to being an intrinsic component of our solutions.
Our approach to transformation which leverages Capgemini’s Global Enterprise Model (GEM) is also key to driving business value, particularly in geographies like Latin America where the level of process and technology maturity still presents significant opportunities. We have almost 100 certified GEM experts in Guatemala that are able to support transformation, which is a critical step before even thinking of automation. Automating a broken process brings no value, so we need to look at this holistically, building a process transformation roadmap that leverages automation but is based on standardization and best practice adoption.
The world is changing and Latin America is no exception to the tremendous possibilities that lie ahead for BPO providers and our clients. 

This article was written by Gustavo Tasner from CapGemini: BPO Thought Process and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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