How Retailers are Turning Showrooming into a Competitive Advantage


Ben Pivar

January 23, 2015

Our “Digital Shopper Relevancy Report” revealed that most retailers present themselves inconsistently across channels. This finding is troubling for retailers because today’s shoppers rely on websites, social media, community forums and customer reviews to research items, and might purchase a product on their computer, smartphone or in a store.

At worst, conflicting information might result in frustration and cause consumers to turn to a different brand. At best, this represents a huge opportunity to optimize each channel to drive improved customer satisfaction and help the customer find the right deal at the right time.

This report is the fourth in a series that tracks the evolution of shopping behaviors from predominantly traditional stores starting in 2002 to the full omni-channel experience in 2014.

We’ve seen many retailers struggle to leverage the in-store experience as an element of the omni-channel shopper strategy. In my Chain Store Age article “How Clienteling Bridges the Gap between Bricks and Clicks,” I highlight the key elements of a clienteling strategy:

1.       A single, unified customer view
2.       Empowering store employees for personalized services
3.       Connecting consumers together and  with  communities

I welcome your comments on how your brand is progressing on its omnichannel strategy and clienteling endeavors.

Ben Pivar, is senior VP, retail leader, at North America Capgemini.

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