Press Release (up to 400 premium news sites)


  • PR Distribution
  • Up to 400 premium news sites
  • Content written for you
  • Boost rankings
  • Send trust signals to Search engines
  • Get news coverage
  • Add “As seen on” on your website
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We will write and distribute for you. You don’t have to do anything.

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  • Massive Distribution with Contextual Anchor Text Links
  • Launch Jacking Advantage (affiliate marketers)
  • White-Hat Authority Builder (Google Loves PR)
  • Improved Google Rankings + Massive Traffic ( Usually within 48 Hours For Low Competition Keywords)
  • Boost Brand Awareness and Top of Mind
  • Increase Brand Affinity & Recall
  • More ” Traffic, Sales, Attention & Conversion
  • Build Brand Perception. Create an image of a Trusted & Established Brand thus allowing you to compete with bigger brands in your marketplace.


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