Is poor mobile performance damaging your business?


Sophie Curtis

October 31, 2014

UK businesses report that they are receiving a worse service from mobile operators than their landline counterparts

Nearly half of business owners in the UK are losing multiple important business calls on a daily basis due to the poor mobile performance they are receiving, according to new research.

In a survey of over 1,000 small business owners in the UK by mobile analytics firm RootMetrics, 99 per cent said they have suffered a dropped call during an important business call.

Furthermore, 46 per cent said they have lost a call multiple times due to poor signal.

With companies increasingly relying on their mobile devices to conduct business, dropped calls could have a damaging impact on their reputation, and potentially affect their ability to complete transactions.

“Many of these businesses now spending more on mobile contracts than on traditional essentials like heating, air conditioning, and office computers,” said Bill Moore, CEO and president of RootMetrics, “yet clearly many are unhappy with the performance they are experiencing.”

Ranking performance on a scale of one to five, with one being the worst and five the best, small business owners revealed the level of service on their mobile (1.51) is worse than their landline (2.22).

This comes despite businesses investing more in mobile devices than traditional office equipment, with nearly every business owner surveyed (99 per cent) using their mobile at least once a day to make a call.

RootMetrics also broke the data down by region. Leeds and Bradford has the worst mobile performance of the 16 regions tested, according to RootMetrics, while Liverpool has the best.

London ranked as 14th in the UK, registering a weighted performance average of just 88.8 points. The full ranking is available here:

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