MWC 2015: Iris recognition technology to unlock your phone developed


Sumant Bhatia

March 3, 2015

Japan’s Fujitsu says the method is a secure as scanning finger prints and is also hands-free

Fujitsu says it has developed an iris authentication system and has built it into a prototype smartphone.

The user just needs to look at the phone to unlock the screen making it a hand-free process.

Currently, smartphones typically use either a password or fingerprint scan to unlock the screen or for other authentication purposes.

Fujitsu’s new authentication method uses infrared light to scan the eye. It says that the pattern of one’s iris is set by the age of two and is unique, making iris recognition a secure process.

The Japanese firm says it will now explore applying this technology to a wide range of fields, including security systems.

It also says the technology could also be used to log users into websites and web services.

This article was written by Sumant Bhatia from The Daily Telegraph and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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