More women using expat postings to fast-track their careers


Elizabeth Roberts

January 27, 2016

It’s no longer a man’s world when it comes to career advancement overseas

Research shows that increasing numbers of British women are choosing to work abroad in order to fast-track their path to the top.

According to Natwest International, the number of female respondents to its eighth annual expat quality of life survey has shot up 116 per cent since 2011, with many in senior executive roles.

The increase in female expats working in management positions has also been noted by InterNations, the two million-strong expat networking organisation, which conducts an annual survey of its own.

When it quizzed more than 14,000 expats around the world in 2015, InterNations found that among British female expats, 17.8 per cent work in management position. That represents a four per cent rise on the year before.

The InterNations data indicated that women who work overseas are, more often than not, single. When it comes to women of all nationalities in upper management, fewer than 50 per cent are in a relationship and fewer than four in 10 have children.

Courtney Ellis-Jones of the Forum for Expatriate Management also noted the increasing trend for young professional women to go on foreign assignments as part of their career development.

She warned: “Being an expatriate is often seen as glamorous to those who have not experienced the life, but it can often be frustrating, difficult and lonely. People who succeed in international assignments demonstrate to the business they are able to problem-solve and overcome barriers to success.”

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However, Ms Ellis-Jones added: “The positives, are vast, both professionally and personally. The chance to experience a new culture is a rich and rewarding one. Broadening your horizons to the way people work and interact develops a more passionate and sympathetic employee, which leads to better management.”

This article was written by Elizabeth Roberts from The Daily Telegraph and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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