Microsoft ‘building first new web browser for 19 years’


Rhiannon Williams

December 31, 2014

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch an all-new web browser code-named Spartan alongside Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to release an entirely new web browser in the vein as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox under the code name Spartan, according to new reports.

The new browser will be the first since the decades-old Internet Explorer, which was first introduced 19 years ago as part of Windows 95.

Spartan is not intended to act as a replacement to Internet Explorer, but will be shipped alongside 1E 11 on desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10, according to ZDnet .

Microsoft could be planning to showcase Spartan as early as January 21 during a Windows 10 keynote presented by chief executive Satya Nadella.

Nadella told the Telegraph about the company’s renewed focus on productivity in an interview earlier this year .

“Productivity is the only thing that matters for the individual, the organisation or the entire economy,” he said. “The core driver of the use of technology is to create fulfilment in individual lives and drive economic gain for entire companies and entire economies.”

It is unclear whether the new browser will run on rival operating systems iOS or Android.

Once the dominant desktop web browser, Internet Explorer was overtaken by Google Chrome as the most used browser across the world in 2012.

IE was the desktop browser of choice for just under 20 per cent of the world’s internet users, compared to Chrome’s 52 per cent as of November 2014, according to StatCounter .

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Browser Market Share

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