LG announces a smart bulb that connects to iOS and Android devices


Jon Russell

March 23, 2014

This article originally appeared on The Next Web

LG’s foray into new verticals consists of more than just its first smartwatch — the G Watch, which was announced last week — after the Korean firm unveiled its answer to the Philips Hue, its less-than-excitingly named ‘Smart Bulb’.

Android Central reports that the bulb will last for a decade if used for five hours per day, but more interestingly it comes with compatible iOS and Android apps and supports Bluetooth. The apps allow users to control a range of settings, and include a security mode — which uses a lighting sequence to mimic someone being at home — and a play mode that responds to music. The bulb will even blink as a reminder when you get a call, though this is Android-only feature at first.

It’s not clear whether LG’s Smart Bulb will make it out of Korea, where it will retail for 35,000 won (around $32) per unit.

➤ LG Korea Press Release | Via Android Central

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