In the Driver’s Seat: Steering Business Agility in the Enterprise through a Sophisticated Digital Ecosystem


Sree Vadakkepat

May 1, 2015

The enterprise market is undergoing a sea change in the current digital climate. Organizations are actively adopting digital technologies such SMACT (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of Things) while addressing concerns around cyber security. Meanwhile, a new demographic of customers is demanding next-generation experiences that push the envelope in terms of customer engagement. The evolved enterprise environment calls for sophisticated business platforms that deliver on agility and speed-to-value. But current business platforms just don’t scale up.

The enterprise clients that I interact with are typically invested in first (mainframe platform) and second (client – server and internet) platforms. These clients are now looking to find new digital solutions to accelerate market expansion and cater to customer demands in a mobile-cloud world. All this, while driving new products and experiences that differentiate themselves in the marketplace. While most sectors have been active in their adoption of digital, certain sectors such as manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, financial services, telecom and media have been more aggressive in their adoption strategy, using digital to advance their business models and establish next-generation user experiences, to stay ahead in the competition.

The challenges are of gargantuan proportions, especially given the complex business issues that surface in the course of adopting digital. This is where Capgemini’s cohesive partnerships around Digital Transformation (DT) thought leadership, startup and boutique aggregators, DT leading research institutes, sector and industry forums along with key technology partners, provide best-in-class digital solutions that drive business agility.

There is immense value in the digital ecosystem, which accelerates the client’s journey toward innovation and market differentiation. An increasing number of our clients want a full outcome-based pricing model while participating in the risk and rewards associated with it. This has been an impetus for Capgemini, in terms of playing to our strengths in key sectors where we have the assets and market credibility coupled with deep process expertise while owning the use cases we want to be known for in the market place. The combination of Capgemini Group assets and IP, together with the digital ecosystems of partnership powers the digital solutions for creating a business agile enterprise.

One of Capgemini’s digital end-to-end solutions comprises a partnership between Capgemini Group and the SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC) division. The partnership aims to address the critical business imperatives of simplicity and speed-to-value that clients demand today in areas such as experience design, marketing and engagement activation.

The SAPPHIRE NOW event showcases some of our innovative solutions as a result of this partnership. Meet with us at SAPPHIRE to accelerate your initiatives in capturing the customer journey. Click here to read more about Capgemini’s offerings and presence at SAPPHIRE.

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