IBM Lures IoT Developers With Stream Analytics and developerWorks Recipes


Janakiram MSV, Contributor

July 30, 2015

IBM is augmenting Bluemix, the Cloud Foundry-based PaaS with IoT capabilities. The latest additions to the platform are real-time stream analytics feature and an online maker community of Bluemix developers.

Currently available in beta, IBM Streaming Analytics is a managed service to analyze streaming data in real-time. The company is not new to stream analytics. It had InfoSphere Streams, an advanced platform that allows applications to ingest, analyze and correlate information coming from thousands of real-time sources. Developers can use an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) to develop Streams applications. IBM packaged this product as a VM to encourage developers to get started with the streaming platform. With Bluemix gaining attention, it is exposing the service through the PaaS. It also aligns with IBM’s investment in Apache Spark. In June 2015, the company announced that it is integrating Spark with Bluemix and Watson services.

According to IBM, Streaming Analytics service can be utilized for a variety of use cases. Analyzing IoT sensor data, sentiment analysis of social media, real-time statistics of a sporting and gaming events, fraud detection, and inventory forecast are the popular scenarios.

Stream Analytics is turning to be an important capability of IoT PaaS. When sensor data is ingested into the cloud, certain data points are queried and analyzed in real-time to perform immediate actions. The ingested datasets traverse through “hot path” and “cold path” analytics workflow. Hot path analytics processes, queries, and analyzes critical data points in real-time while cold path analytics deals with batch processing of datasets. Open source technologies based on Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Spark, and Apache Hadoop are used to define the Big Data processing pipelines.

Customers have the choice of configuring the open source technologies or consuming the managed services exposed by the cloud service providers. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have managed services for ingesting, transforming, querying, and analyzing datasets. Amazon Kinesis, Azure Event Hubs, and Google Cloud PubSub are examples of ingestion and streaming services. Azure Stream Analytics enables developers to write SQL-like queries to transform stream data. Google Cloud Dataflow is another service for transforming streaming data in the cloud.

IBM is the latest PaaS provider to expose managed real-time stream analytics service for developers.

In another news, IBM announced that it is launching an online community for IoT developers to share tutorials and how-to guides. Dubbed as developerWorks Recipes, the forum is a collection of recipes for connecting sensors and microcontrollers with Bluemix PaaS. This service is an incarnation of IBM IoT Foundation recipes that existed for a long time.

developerWorks Recipes is IBM’s spin on the vibrant and thriving Maker community. Realizing the importance of this, Microsoft, Samsung, and Intel have already invested in dedicated online communities. Microsoft has partnered with for tutorials on Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT.
is the preferred destination for many IoT enthusiasts. Intel has a dedicated forum for Galileo and Edison developers. For many IoT developers, is an ultimate resource of IoT tutorials.

IBM has been investing in IoT platform through Node-Red, IoT Foundation, and Bluemix. With Amazon, Microsoft, and Google upping the ante on IoT, it is not an easy task for IBM to attract developers.

This article was written by Janakiram MSV from Forbes and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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