How crowdsouring Oslos youngest pedestrians improved road safety


Hogne Malum Gjersvik

November 11, 2015

School children are Oslo’s most active walkers but is also facing the risk of accidents walking to school. Capgemini Norway and The City of Oslo wanted to involve the children, helping the public sector to plan safer streets in their neighbourhood.

The solution was a strategic crowdsourcing tool called “The Traffic Agent”. It’s an app that pay attention to the end users actual needs. Through the app, 44.000 Primary School children in Oslo were invited to report easy and challenging spots on their way to School. The City of Oslo and The Norwegian Centre for Transport Research gain access to the comprehensive data through a web based dashboard.

The data gathered is not traceable to any specific child, but can be filtered on  a range of parameters like dates, area, class, school and means of transport. Traffic and technology section in The City of Oslo will use the data to prioritize road maintenance for next year budget. This way they can more accurately determine which pavement, bike track or school crossing that needs to be fixed.

How Capgemini and City of Oslo Worked together

Key to the success of the project was Capgemini’s rapid prototyping methodology – it enabled a test sample of users, third-seventh graders, to experience the application quickly. The methodology also involved the Department, end users, and developers from the word go, ensuring an agile, open approach.

Eurocities award

The Traffic Agent reached this years final as one of three candidates at Eurocities Award in the innovation Category. This includes projects and activities demonstrating innovative ways of achieving modal shift in urban transport, and improving the quality of air in urban areas, in particular projects initiated and driven by citizens. 

The EUROCITIES awards recognise outstanding achievement by EUROCITIES members in the delivery of local activities or practices that improve the quality of life for citizens. The final is held in Malmø the 4th of November.


How can you leverage this solution?

This plattform is scalable to any city or local area around the world. With only few minor adjustment you as a Capgemini Consultant could re-use our solution to help plan safter street for young childeren in your city. It’s also a great oportunity for Capgemini to get involved with the public sector, serving them an innovativ solution at a marginal cost.

Please to not hesitate to contact me or Rolf Hasle if you have any further questions.  Also Check out the website for The Traffic Agent  
Let’s make our childeren as safe as possible. Start spying today! 

Easy Agent Activation


This article was written by Hogne Malum Gjersvik from CapGemini: Capping IT Off and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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