Getting Business Insights from Big Data


Steve Jones

March 10, 2015

When looking at the big data report it’s pretty clear that the reception to big data is mixed in developed economies but laser focused in emerging economies such as Brazil and China as well as the traditional innovation powerhouse of the USA. This represents a significant threat to established continental European firms who appear to be unaware of the advantages being gained by their more technologically innovative peers.

This is why at Capgemini we’ve focused in the last five years on making big data usable to all organizations and helping those firms who are struggling to see the benefits to not only understand them but to realize them. This focus has been about the business value of big data within the business context. This approach is what has driven much of our big data work. In 2011 we talked about governing big data which was something that was identified as a gap in many other firms approach by Gartner last year and which we took even further with a recent announcement with Informatica.  

This focus on business value in the context of the business is also about understanding what can accelerate that value. That can range from understanding the impacts of Cybersecurity on analytics to handling larger datasets while reducing the costs of traditional EDW solutions. The point here is that for organizations to get business insights from big data they need to stop starting with technology. At Capgemini we were the first to announce strategic partnerships with both Cloudera and Pivotal, and have a history of working with AWS, Teradata, Oracle, IBM and others. We understand the technology but most importantly we understand how to align that technology to the business outcomes.

To get value from big data the companies who currently do not see the opportunity, while their competitors in higher growth economies are delivering those opportunities, need to focus away from the technology approach of the first wave and concentrate on the business value in the second wave of big data programs.

China, Brazil and the USA are delivering with big data, gaining competitive advantage with big data, so the question to the rest is simple: What business insights do they have, or do I need to compete in an insight driven economy?

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