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From great to good – applying innovation at the speed of IoT


Sam Hunt

January 31, 2017

Over the last few months my team have been working on an Intel IoT POC. This week we shipped the final release Its good, not great, but good. . . and I think that’s great.

The team worked hard to identify a need, test it with users and pivot when appropriate. We build mock-ups, prototypes and a production version, learning all the time. However, it didn’t start like that . . .

As a global consulting, technology and outsourcing business that delivers business critical systems Capgemini has a culture that strives for excellence. Many of our consultants were brought up on right first time and total quality management. However, these behaviours do not sit well with the uncertain, rapidly changing world of emerging technology.

Within the AIE we embrace uncertainty, our team of core innovators lead a test and learn approach, defining experiments and execute. The team working on the IoT POC came from our business at large leading to an interesting meeting of minds.

We worked hard to bring the cultures of the two teams together, of the things we tried we found that these two initiatives had the biggest impact:

–       An incremental investment approach. Each week the team demoed progress and “pitched” for an extra week’s investment. Instead of funding this investment was the investment of time to continue working on the POC for the following week. Failure was positioned as a natural and healthy part of the process.

–       A product owner with deep sector expertise. This individual worked with the team to bring to life the needs of the users and business, defined trials and prioritised features.

If you want to find out more about the IoT POC and the Intel Edison board powering it, check out this short video.


This article was written by Sam Hunt from Capgemini: Capping IT Off and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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