First-class UX is not just for Christmas


Fernando Alvarez

December 22, 2014

The Christmas Holidays is a time of year when providing a first-class user experience could mean the difference between a retailer making a sale, or not. Giving customers an intuitive, easy-to-use web site or app could just set you apart from the multitude of competitors clamoring for shoppers’ attention.
New research from specialist digital research company eMarketer shows that digital shopping over the Christmas period is rising sharply in European countries including France, Germany and the UK. In Germany, Christmas spending will account for one quarter of annual business-to-consumer e-commerce sales (10 billion euros), while in France internet users say 57% of their Christmas spending will be carried out using digital platforms. In the UK, meanwhile, 46% of internet users surveyed said they would do their shopping using digital devices compared to 32% using bricks-and-mortar stores

A good digital experience is crucial across many other industries and sectors, of course, and increasingly new tools are available to help organizations differentiate their products and services. Functions such as geolocation and gesture-based navigation, for example, can help to target specific users with specific purchasing habits.
A first-class user experience (UX) gives end-users exactly what they want, quickly and easily across multiple touchpoints and channels. The reality nowadays is that users have a wide range of choices, and making sure that a product or service is available whenever and wherever the customer wants it, is key to success.

Good UX is not just about performance and functionality, but also about creating an experience that is both relevant and engaging, in the context of things such as location, preferences, behavior and social network usage. Making an experience immediate and personalized in this way will help to deliver what we call the “You Experience”.

For enterprises, good UX design should be at the heart of an overall digital strategy that puts in place the right policies, processes and technologies to deliver competitive advantage. To be effective, UX must focus on the specific needs of your end-users and your enterprise, and that demands a systematic approach that involves the input of all stakeholders.

At Capgemini our UX teams take a “You Experience” approach — a value-added mobile UX technique that takes projects from conception through to realization, and ultimately ensures that your enterprise is “Always On – Mobile First”. It’s part of our portfolio of mobile solutions and global, industrialized technology and testing resources that can be tailored to your specific UX needs and wider enterprise mobility transformation.

After all, while it’s undoubtedly important at this time of year, user experience is not just for Christmas.

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