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Digitalization: Cut the flab; get into shape


Vijay Karna

March 29, 2017

Every good enterprise to run a profitable business needs to continuously rethink processes and business models and all the other components. In order to make business more efficient today than it was yesterday the enterprise needs to trim the flab from their processes and business models to make it run more smoothly.

In today’s world it’s not enough to simply try to improve current operation but enterprises need to rework how they do business and even what kind of business they do. Digitalization helps them to rethink how they do everything across the enterprise, using newest technologies, to run as smoothly as it can.

System integrators (SI) have vast opportunity to help the enterprises to re-model their existing technology landscape using their digitalization strategy. Given the complexity and sheer size of the task, IT experts can strategize and break the changes they can handle into short (Adept), medium (Adapt) and long (Adopt) term goals. These goals shouldn’t block them, in any case, from looking further ahead in the reconciliation plan and distinguishing how the business could inevitably redo its procedures in ways that can make huge overhaul.

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Adept – The SIs short term change strategy should be to avoid the enterprise to be stuck in a long, frustrating integration process that yields only few of the intended benefits. The SI, instead of focusing on maintaining process or system that adds to complexity to every business activity undertaken, should try to modernize processes by migrating physical ones to digital ones; make business processes much more data driven and improve efficiency by eliminating dependency costly legacy systems.

Adapt  In the medium term change strategy SIs should reconsider the enterprise’s IT landscape & business requirements in the broader perspective, considering not just for the short term but also the potential transformations, innovations & improvements the enterprise may gain over time from digitalization as well as the technical solutions the business needs to meet its overall objectives.

Adopt – In the long term change strategy the SIs should look at organizational structure and operating model apart from simplifying the technology landscape or digital process innovation. Enterprises will need to demonstrate how process innovations if properly rolled out across the enterprise will result in new ways of working to get desired business outcomes, reduce overall costs, and bring products and services to market quicker, thereby realizing greater earnings potential.


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