Cyber-crime needs to be tackled urgently


Telegraph View

October 26, 2015

Telegraph View: The attack on TalkTalk is a sobering reminder of the lack of security online

There was a time when heists were conducted by armed men with stockings over their heads. Nowadays, the villains are just as likely never to leave the comfort of their computer. But even if cyber-crime is sedentary, it is still a shocking act that tears people’s lives apart. Governments, businesses and private citizens have to mount a serious counter-offensive.

This distressing episode raises plenty of questions. Who is behind it: was this a purely criminal venture or a terrorist attack? When exactly did it happen: why do some customers claim suspicious activity occurred long before TalkTalk went public? What did TalkTalk do to protect the information of its customers: why was some data left unencrypted? Most importantly, what lessons can be learnt by us all about the risks involved in living so much of our lives online – and the strategies for protection?

That the police are overstretched is self-evident. Everyone has to take greater responsibility for their own security. That means companies investing in know-how and technology to keep their customers safe. It also means that computer-users have to change their passwords regularly, keep track of activity in their accounts, and not give away information lightly. The internet has in many ways made our lives far simpler. But there is a price: eternal vigilance against fraud.

This article was written by Telegraph View from The Daily Telegraph and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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