Capgemini delivers true business value through MFGPath!


Fredrik Hedlund

December 2, 2015

MFGPath, Capgemini’s Market-leading platform for manufacturing companies, is not only the latest in SAP technology but also one of the fastest to implement! Or what do you say about a new ERP-solution in 12 weeks…

The key for accelerating the delivery is of course change readiness and strong project governance at the customer side, but that´s old news. The major change is instead for Capgemini as the implementation partner. For us the pre-configured solution MFGPath enables a complete new way for Capgemini to deliver a set of available and included accelerators.

Phase 0 is the early business process and scenario mapping towards pre-defined production strategy scenarios. This secures around a 90% realistic demo environment before even staring the actual project. Imagine how a realistic demo environment at an early project stage would increase quality during training and testing as well as accelerating customer change management.

Also imaging running an ERP-project based on an actual system instead of endless PowerPoint slides. On top of this the concept offers predefined data loading tools and already created test scenarios which bring us from 90% to 95% business recognition.

Part of the remaining percentage is about securing legal requirements for the specific countries and markets in scope and this is accelerated through the already available Capgemini roll out kit and global consulting network.

The final percentage is about adjusting the solution to secure the specific competitive advantage of the customer. By accelerating the first 90% – 95% with MFGPath Capgemini is able to really deliver business value during the remaining 5% – 10% by:

  • Support with industry expertise  instead of acting as system developer.
  • Focusing on business process development instead of on IT-consulting.
  • Enabling the business case instead of just solving IT problems. 

This is how MFGPath, Capgemini’s Market-leading platform for manufacturing companies, truly can deliver business value to our customers.

This article was written by Fredrik Hedlund from CapGemini: Capping IT Off and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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