How can I be relevant?


Elena Schulte

May 31, 2015

It’s important to be present, authentic and consequent in the efforts of building a CX strategy. But when doing all that and much more it is at the same time extremely important to be relevant. That means that all efforts of delivering a good Customer Experience (CX) should properly fit in the right context and to the right customer needs.



One example of an app called the Shopper Mom has, for example, as main relevancy points that of being 1) mobile-friendly and 2) relevant to moms. The first point is accomplished through a responsive design while the second point takes into consideration the fact that moms need to keep their children entertained while shopping through game apps and includes the complete Android and iPhone mobile app catalogs.


Relevancy is also about focusing on what’s important to include in the CX. Possibilities for developing digital solutions can be large but that can also distract from the main scope of the design. Holding clear scopes and aiming exactly for them while resisting adding possibilities just for the sake of it can increase the chance that the customer is receiving a relevant experience.


How do you do it?

I am now assuming that you already have a Digital Customer Experience (DCX) strategy into place and that it involves an already well defined customer journey. By having done the research homework you should know how the experience looks like at several key points and where the focus should be for completing it. This strategy also implies that you know very well who your customers are, that their persona profiles are sitting slued to your CX design team’s walls and that you have already researched on their goals.


The challenge with that is keeping focus on what’s important. It’s choosing with precision what channel to use at which moment and which needs that channel has to fulfill. That can be identified through usability studies and analysis of current digital behavior. Based on what information the research has showed it’s important to produce content that provides added value for the user.


It’s a bit like buying a present. The best presents don’t have to cost much, but are made based on deep awareness of the other person. You don’t just buy a lot of things and hope one will fit. You also don’t ask the person what they want and then deliver the requested pan or pair of socks and expect it to be the perfect present. The real trick is that of knowing the needs, the desires of the person who receives the gift and knowing exactly what gets the user say “Wow, I didn’t even know I missed this but now that I have it, it perfectly completes my world!”. That’s the peak of relevance and it can be reached only through deep knowledge of user needs.

Note: This is the personal view of the author and does not reflect the views of Capgemini or its affiliates. Check out the original post here.

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