Brands Are Not Ready For The Coming Tsunami Of Service Channels


Blake Morgan, Contributor

February 26, 2016

We are used to creating separate help accounts on social media to serve customers. While this isn’t a big deal today, what will be a big deal in the future is making it very easy for the customer to get help.

The problem with this approach is the proliferation of service channels. Where as in the past customers had to tag customer service accounts or write on our wall for brands to find them, in the future you will see less and less of the tagging of service accounts. Why should we depend on customers to keep up with our accounts?

We should be finding our customers wherever they are. Brands lost control, tried to regain control, and now they will lose control again. The reason they will lose control is the proliferation of service channels. There is no way for brands to operate with the same approach they have in the last few years. Every week there is a new latest channel customers talk to each other on. They are sending Snaps to friends, WhatsApp messages, Weibo, WeChat, texts, tweets and even sending images and commenting via Instagram photos, and for a second they even sent messages through an app called Peach. The proliferation of channels is upon us.

The challenge for big companies is speed. They simply are not set up to pivot as quickly as they need to. Part of this is the fault of the brands. But part of the challenge is with the vendors. Social media tools for customer service are still specialty products—and many times they don’t cover as much ground as the client needs them to.

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This article was written by Blake Morgan from Forbes and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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