BMW Proposes An Elevated E-Bike Roadway For City Traffic Relief


PSFK and Dave Pinter

December 7, 2017

Managing traffic congestion in cities is a problem that’s only going to get worse in the coming years. Trends in population continue to point towards people choosing cities as the place were they want to live. Urban infrastructure is having a hard time keeping up with the increase in density. BMW collaboration with the Tongji University in Shanghai to create a new urban roadway concept with the goal of providing a faster, safer and more sustainable transportation option for city dwellers.


The BMW Vision E³ Way proposes to improve getting around in cities with an elevated, modular roadway made for use by only electrically powered two-wheeled vehicles. The intent is for the roadways to link major destination points in cities like train stations, business hubs and shopping centers. The design of the elevated road means it can be installed above an automotive roadway, taking advantage of space that normally isn’t used. Much of the Vision E³ Way itself could be covered, offering weather protection for commuting riders and keeping the road surface clean.


The “3” of E³ stands for “elevated”, “electric” and “efficient”. E-bikes and scooters already share the road with cars and trucks worldwide even though they aren’t legal to ride in cities like New York. With the Motorrad Concept Link and Motorrad X2 City, BMW is exploring their own vehicle concepts for this segment. So proposing dedicated riding lanes that don’t interfere with pedestrian or large vehicle traffic is a logical extension of their plans.


For now, Vision E³ Way is just a series of idea images. The project fits within BMW’s larger strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT, which is the framework the automaker is following to offer both innovative and responsible individual mobility products in the future.



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