Big Data- Adapt Quickly or Lose Out…


Lee Brown

April 29, 2015

The Democratization of Information’, our study showed that traditional approaches [to Insight] cannot provide the complete answer in a world increasingly dominated by a high diversity of structured and unstructured data, much of which is not directly under the control of the organization.  I highlight ‘complete’ because we are not saying that traditional approaches (and the experiences we have gained from them) no longer have value; rather we are saying in this new, demanding, data rich world, we need new approaches and new ways of deriving insight…and importantly, Insight at the Point of Action.

When I speak to my clients, the common theme of goals they strive for [in no particular order] are profitable growth, happy customers and happy employees.  How they go about achieving those things differs from company to company, but one thing is shared, the understanding that data and the Insight they expect from it today and in the future is paramount to their success.

When I started in this industry 20 years ago, the provision of information in a digestible form was typically delivered to the individual or team asking the question in weeks (or days if it was really easy)…and that was considered quick.  Now, ‘days’ would be considered far too slow for most; for example in our study, 77% of respondents said that ‘decision-makers increasingly require data in real time.’

There is a lot of discussion, debate, disagreement on the Big Data silver bullet; I could give a view on my definition, it would likely be different than some of yours, but that sort of misses the point.  What we are striving for today surely is a way to deliver Insight, help our clients achieve their goals and keep pace with the ever changing demands from data.  How we do that, whether it’s more Hadoop, more MPP, more Data Science, more self-discovery, more In Memory, more Insight as a Service just depends on the use case and the context …but what is clear, is that your Big Data approach needs the ability to adapt…and adapt quickly, or lose out.  Our answer to this is the Business Data Lake (BDL).  The BDL is our approach to helping complete the Insights answer, bringing together old and new and providing our clients with the agility and flexibility they demand.  The BDL provides a way forward with a complete rethink of the way data is ingested, stored and organized for analytical purposes. It democratizes insight by giving the business the capabilities it needs to seize opportunities rapidly, providing a common analytical engine for the business.

Note: This is the personal view of the author and does not reflect the views of Capgemini or its affiliates. Check out the original post here.

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