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Application Landscape Management: Launch of 2016 edition of the report


Ramesh Kumar Ramamurthy

June 13, 2016

Executive Insights on Application Landscape Management – a handbook for IT leaders to ensure competitiveness of their organizations and communities.

Today, organizations are influenced by significant changes in their business model either through nimble “asset light” competitors or the tsunami of disruptive technologies. Given this tectonic shift, IT witnesses an inflection point, which makes the evolution of application landscape a clear imperative for organizations. The 2016 edition of the Report offers a blend of world-class performance practices gleaned from leading global organizations, and valuable insights distilled from in-depth interviewing of eminent CIOs spread across multiple sectors and geographical regions. This report demonstrates that Application Landscape Management practices play a critical role in enhancing the competitiveness of an organization.

The report consists of three sections. The first and second sections cover the best practices pertaining to the two dimensions of Application Landscape Management i.e. “Run & Improve”, and “Innovate”. The third section is dedicated to the best practices of workforce culture and sourcing that are applicable to both dimensions of Application Landscape Management. The adoption of these best practices will ensure that the organization not only succeeds in injecting effectiveness into its application management program, but also consistently emerges market winner by accelerating the development of critical business capabilities. The report is peppered with examples of companies that have created business impact through application landscape management. A few representative examples are provided below: 

To help organizations understand the extent to which they can adopt world-class performance practices, Capgemini has also developed a unique self-diagnostic tool. The findings from this tool can help IT leaders embark on the journey to ensure competitiveness of their organizations and communities. 

This article was written by Ramesh Kumar Ramamurthy from CapGemini: Capping IT Off and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.

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