How We Grow Your Business With the Content Loop Formula

People buy only when they trust you and believe you can solve their problems.

How do we do that?

We developed the content loop formula to remove the guesswork out of the picture.

When cold prospects go through all 5 stages of the loop, they become as a hot piping lead, pulling out their wallets and ready to buy.

Here are the five stages ⁠— Content, Convey, Connect, Contact, Convert


Stage 1 – Content

It all starts with content. Without content, it’s impossible to showcase your product and services. Content is not just about blog posts. Ad copies are content. A beautiful infographic is a piece of content. A video that demonstrates your product is content. The content is your message. 

But what use is content if no one consumes it? 

This leads us to our second stage…


Stage 2 – Convey

You need to deliver your content in the most effective manner. It may be SEO to get yourself visible in search engines. Or pay per click ads such as facebook and google ads. There are various ways to get your message out. We’ll study your business and customers in order to determine the perfect medium to use.


Stage 3 – Connect

Once your prospect interacts with your content, you need to connect with them immediately. And I don’t mean that you start pushing for a sale. At this stage, you need to track what they are doing on your website, know what they are looking for, and understand what they are interested in. Capture their contact so you can continue nurturing that trust.


Stage 4 – Contact

So now your prospects are all warmed up. Your goal at this stage is to promote your products or services and demonstrate how you can solve their problems. Not everyone will react. But for those who do, you know they are ready for the next stage…


Stage 5 – Convert

This is where we reap the fruits of our labour. Get your return on investment and literally see money flooding in. With the right conversion strategies in place, we convert your prospects into paying customers.

These are the 5 stages of the content loop formula. They can be simple or complex depending on your business, goals and budget. 

One thing we know for sure is that those who go through all 5 stages are motivated prospects who are ready to buy.

Want To Turn Your Cold Traffic Into Loyal Customers?

What Can You Expect From Us?

We believe in delivering great results that will pay for itself, and produce profits for your business.

That’s why we don’t lock you in with long-term contracts.

We are so confident that you will like our work that after the first month, you will want to continue working with us. 

In order for us to work together, and for you to see sustainable results from any digital marketing efforts, here are 3 things you have to understand, and agree upon:


Digital Marketing is A Long-Term Strategy

It takes a lot of work to understand your market deeply and fine-tune our strategies to perfection.

So if you are looking for positive ROI from week 1 that will skyrocket your business to stardom, we are not the right fit.

Now even for Facebook, there is an initial learning period every time you make a change.

We need time as well to learn about your business, your market, and design the right strategies for you.


You Must Take Digital Marketing Seriously

Give digital marketing the same respect and energy as you would with any new sales channel you invest in your business.

We need you to work closely with us (especially in the beginning).

Because campaigns usually perform better when we collaborate and involve you in strategic discussions.


Effective Digital Marketing is An Investment. And It's Not Cheap

To create a successful masterpiece, we need inputs from copywriters, designers, researchers, developers and more (depending on what is needed).

The old adage is true – you get what you pay for.

While it is not cheap, once a campaign is stabilized and producing results, you can expect your investment to pay for itself and generate profits.

Ready To Grow Your Business With Effective Digital Marketing?

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