7 topics that need your digital attention in 2015


Ron Tolido

January 12, 2015

You didn’t think we would let you enter the new year without our own list of crucial technology trends, now did you? Sure, we have been busy literally every working day of November and December with delivering TechnoVision 2015 to you, piece by piece. But there’s a lot to absorb. And although we recommend you to follow your own, unique route through our repository of technology building blocks, here’s our top 7 list of selected topics that we really think need your undivided, digital attention in 2015:

  1. The era of disruption. In case you didn’t notice: the digital revolution is not only improving the customer experience and internal operations, it also drives thereinvention – or hacking if you like – of complete business models. This brings entirely new players into the business game. It’s up to enterprises to decide whether they want to be on the sending or receiving end of disruption. In any case, it needs insight into what designed to disrupt looks like.


  1. Multi-speed IT. So we need the mind-set, agility and decisiveness of a start-up. We also need an enterprise-grade foundation and want to leverage our corporate assets. Time to realize it is all but impossible to deliver the IT that comes with it from one and the same organizational entity and one unified set of tools and methodologies.  It’s really like building Trains versus Scooters: they require different rhythms at a different speed.


  1. Platforms, platforms, platforms. Platforms are eating the world. New business models often drive on an external platform to bring supply and demand together in yet unheard ways. But within the organization, a digital platform will equally redefine the way business and IT people work together to create the next generation of solutions, even when it’s the era of disruption. It might be the pièce de résistance of any next-generation CIO.


  1. The Application is the API. Too often, the core application landscape looks like a petrified forest: interesting from an archaeological perspective only. The cloud has brought us marketplaces of flexible micro-services that are easy to consume and to combine. It’s both a matter of mastering the power of these new catalogues ofapplication programming interfaces as rearranging the existing applications in the same spirit.


  1. DevOps goes enterprise. Yes, guess we all understand by now what agile solution development means. We’ve all endured our SCRUM stand-up meetings by now, have we? But only if we merge agile development with equally agile operations, we are in for the full business lifecycle. DevOps brings highly automated, advanced – even shiny – tooling but the true essence of it is in creating tight teams of specialists that did not use to be intimate friends.


  1. Humans and their things. No 2015 without things, rest assured. We’re all getting more physical and actually it is in the nearest proximity of ourselves that some of the magical breakthroughs might finally happen. Don’t focus too much on the actual gadgets and wearables though: in the end, the Thing is the API as well.


  1. The promise of cognitive computing. Yes, Artificial Intelligence seems to be back. With a vengeance. Much better algorithms and superior storage and computing power make systems possible that act and learn almost like humans do. Fascinating and confusing. So elementary, my dear Watson, the challenge is to unleash the potential of something that is so familiar to us, yet so unexplored.

This blog post is the personal view of the author and do not express the views or opinions of Capgemini. 

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