3 New Year Resolutions IT Leaders Should Make for 2015


Glen Nelson

December 31, 2014

As 2015 approaches, now is the time to start planning your resolutions so you can start the new year strong – and strive to keep them intact all year.  Here are three resolutions that our Capgemini experts recommend for IT leaders. 

1. Implement wearables thoughtfully to avoid breaches of trust with employees

In his “Compterworld” opinion piece, SVP and Mobile Solutions Global Service Line Leader Fernando Alvarez explores how companies are balancing the productivity and efficiency benefits of implementing wearables in the workforce with the potential risk of alienating employees who feel that their privacy is being invaded. Alvarez provides a number of recommendations for maintaining this delicate balance, including: 

  • Be careful what you measure, and strive to track activities that can be used for productivity or efficiency gains
  • Analyze data in the context of the person you’re measuring, and tie the assessment back to the company’s strategic objectives
  • Leverage data to foster employee engagement rather than command and control

Alvarez says, “To obtain the full benefits of a more connected workforce, they need to collaborate fully with employees, providing transparency and a degree of freedom for individuals to choose how their data is used.”

2. Modernize your application lifecycle to leverage innovative solutions in cloud, social, mobility and big data

SVP of Application Services Ron Tolido states in his Wall Street Journal article “Building an App Portfolio for Innovation” that many companies’ legacy applications stifle innovation since they’re not equipped to drive disruptive technologies such as cloud computing.

Drawing from the data in our 2014 Application Landscape Report, Tolido discusses how educating the business function about the IT landscape is critical. He says, “The greater the understanding business has of IT, the higher the percentage of total savings that are directly utilized for funding business transformation.”

Here are the five key findings from the report:

  • IT, more than ever, plays a strategic role for business in both conventional ways, such as cost reduction, and innovative ways
  • Healthy understanding between business and IT organizations is critical for both optimal performance and improvement of the application landscape
  • Reducing complexity and increasing flexibility in the IT environment is a key imperative for the CIO
  • CIOs are inclined toward adopting more extreme application rationalization measures to increase IT’s value to business
  • Disruptive technologies are considered crucial to creating new business value

3. Become a digital master, no matter what industry you’re in

The core idea of Didier Bonnet’s co-authored new book “Leading Digital” (HBRP, Oct. 2014) is that digital transformation is occurring in every industry, not just the usual suspects like music or publishing. If you’re not the digital master – the company leading the industry pack in innovation – then someone else is. 

Bonnet, SVP & Digital Transformation Global Practice Leader for Capgemini Consulting, illuminates this idea in his InformationWeek article “Who Is Your Industry’s Digital Master?” If digital transformation is not top of mind for IT leaders in 2015, then it might be too late. According to Bonnet, “If you are not already engaged in such a digital journey, the time to start is now. We are at an inflection point where digital innovation will not only continue to reshape the business world, the pace of disruption will accelerate exponentially.”

Emerging technologies are radically transforming the role of the IT leader, and it’s difficult to keep pace with the latest developments in wearables, big data, etc. Stay tuned for additional posts highlighting our new research on these trends and many others, and in the meantime let us know about your work-related New Year’s resolutions in the comment section below.

This blog post is the personal view of the author and do not express the views or opinions of Capgemini.   

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