Deep Dawar, Telecom, Media and Gaming Sector lead at Capgemini UK, spoke with The Record’s Rebecca Gibson and told her what he sees as this year’s trends: “More people want to consume data on-demand and countries like the UK are fast becoming smartphone societies, so 4G and super-fast broadband will grow in 2018 to meet high-speed data consumption needs. Telcos will also prepare for 5G by exploring network sharing arrangements.

“Telcos are increasingly focussing on managing customer churn, so customer retention is now a central business strategy. This will be driven by companies taking on initiatives that lead to improvement of net promoter score. These strategies include (but are not limited to) various combinations of products and service, for example, over-the-top content services like Netflix, handset upgrades, free broadband and/or wireline  as part of the offer to sign up customers to longer term contracts.”

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