I spoke to Andy Powell, VP and Head of Cybersecurity, to find out more – here’s what he thinks:

“Apart from GDPR, one of the most significant industry developments of 2018 will be around blockchain. Blockchain technology offers a system for recording the transferal of data, which can be applied to the agreeing and sealing of transactions, making it especially useful in environments of high level security and trust. As we continue to see greater improvement in the resilience of the technology, we can expect to see blockchain being increasingly applied to more and more cybersecurity processes in 2018.”

“Another trend that will develop in the coming 12 months is the convergence of DevOps and automated security controls, to make DevOps a fundamental element of digital transformation. The challenge with DevOps has been how to build and harness applications that can transform the business, without undermining security. New technologies and design methods now allow the automation of security controls so that they can be used during the DevOps cycle rather than at the end, resulting in a vital shift toward more secure Apps development without sacrificing pace and flexibility.”

“As these new technologies come to market and cybersecurity becomes even more central to the day-to-day operations of businesses, the lack of cyber security skills across the UK will become increasingly apparent. The biggest threat of leaked business data today comes from within the organisation, with employees lacking fundamental skills around data protection and securing assets. We can expect Government and businesses to be looking at ways of how these problems can be addressed over the course of 2018.”